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46019 Cizzolo fraz. di Viadana (MN) - Italy

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About us


Abrax was founded by the Di Benedetto family in the early 70s under the name of BAM in Settala, province of Milan, and subsequently moved to Cizzolo, province of Mantua, in October 1995.


We can therefore boast almost 50 years of experience in our sector. 

In the last twenty-five years, Abrax has significantly expanded and transformed itself.


This has allowed us to become one of the leaders in the abrasive cloth market.


Initially focused on the global house hold cleaning market, Abrax subsequently developed a new line of abrasives aimed at the industrial market.


The strength of the company lies in its ability to provide a highly performing product while maintaining a constant high-quality standard.


Our Warehouse


more than 2000 rolls

Just in Time !

Certainly, one of Abrax's strengths is having a large area for the storage of finished products.


The company has invested heavily on the warehouse, going from orders management to “sell out” policy capable of guaranteeing deliveries in real time, with more than 2000 rolls constantly available to its customers.

Our Planet first


Abrax philosophy is "our planet first".


The company operates in full compliance with current environmental protection regulations.


It is essential for us that the workplace be healthy, clean and respectful of the people who work in it.


We have invested heavily in research and development to ensure that our projects are always environmentally sustainable, by carefully engaging in choosing chemicals with low environmental impact.


We work every day with the aim of leaving our children a better planet.